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What to do.... the list (updated 11-01-11)

ok here is the official list of what i need to do in every web page where i have a gallery account... with this list you´ll finally know what you will see in every page and also what is done and what is still in production.

Also, the list will be updated every time i finish 1 of the images and will be placed here...

=Deviant art Yokunai gallery:

- to "Seiferalmas"

Hana (his OC), Hinata Hyuga  and Haruhi tied to chairs and being used in experiments with a sex-cube

- to "budiscool2"

Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 in a strange Suit.

- to "hisaKadams"
a love scene between a ghost and Hisa (requester OC)

- to "Lord Foot in Mouth" : 3 commisions in color (i need a new PC - T-T)

- to "Modmyths" : 2 commisions in color (idem T-T)

- to my self =3 : Pokemon trainer girls, Raven, Starfire and/or Gwen Tennyson in a sexy and enjoyfull situation, with or without ropes... =3

= Deviant art Futary gallery: 

-to "Coruptorian"

Yuffie Kisaragi being molested by Rikku

- to "Furboz"

Laidy Marion (Disney Version) taking a bath in a river

- to "kairoshi":

- to myself: new designs of my characters and the fisrt chapter of my comic.

= Gurochan: this list is special because most of the request where made by "anonimus" so its just a list of "what to do" for the page...

- Head Swap girls, a bit more descryptive
- Raven turning into Starfire´s Pussy
- Rape escenes of this image, before and after beheaded.

- Videl from Dragon Ball Z beheaded, bare foot, in her "karate" suit, her head in a female "Predator" ´s belt.
- Lucy (elfenlied) tearing off the heart of Sakura Haruno and beheading Tsunade, and other girls being beheaded by her.
- Kasumi, Ayane (Death or Alive) and Mai Shiranui headless alive by a Mad Scientist.
similar situation...

- Hinata, Sakura, Ino and Ten-Ten in a cow suit and chained, all pregnant, milked and the village logo over theyr vaginas
- "pillow girls" and "quad amputee girls" situations and ilustrations, suggestions are welcome =3
- Felicia beheaded and some other situations.
- cooking Sailor moon girls.
- Pot-Girl for statues and edifications and more designs
- girls cut in half and playing with theyr lower body
- Beheaded Zelda licking her own vagina
- Renamon with Ruki as her vagina and Gatomon with Kaisy in the same situation.
- Transformations, mutations, amputation and situations with some girls
- and from me, more with Kaede, Elik and Utsukushion =3

- to "David Lau": 3 commisions in color (need a new PC)

- to "Margie Daniel": commision in color (just color)

- to "Jess": characters design
- to "Kareiya": ilustrate the "Kaede´s double fun" story
- to "Guillermo" :  a company Logo
- to "Miner": Azula Raven and Hermione tied

= G-mail
- to "Quercus": commision in color (just color)

- to "Tom H.": ilustrate "Royal Feast: the beggining"
- to "Sivat Savitri":

 orc and elf commision

limbless about to be cooked
- to "Fizzil": comic pages 

future girl slashed
- to "anonimus guy" (he requested to be anonimus):  

Marion (his OC) design and nude

May from pokemon breastfeeding a baby and pregnant

Magikarp girl (hipnotized) with high heels boots, stokings and a collar with her pokeball

Torn bone pregnant and owned by Roll

- to "Anna Grimaldi": 

Aerie being raped
- to "Dr Faust": 

a girl about to be killed by a samurai (this one is a colaborated commision)
- to "William Galbreath"
his OC Asumi with her huge breast cooked
- to "TAD": 
to color these images

= Hitori Madnes Club 9 blog
- Magoshi Saika beheading and fucking the head of Kunoichi
- Kaede fixing a PC... in her way
- Ink some scaned images

= Guro Date
- to "ERO": Guro scenes with her
- to "PitifullyHappy": he cutting her girlfriend´s neck while she shot to his head
- to "Ghost": game frame page (about to be done)
- to "Stylo": she dressed like a maid, she has deep cuts on her body, her brain and heart exposed, topless and  tied to a chair, she is angry and insutling someone in the shadows
- to "dinner": design of she in her stories and in a situation of her stories.

= Furaffinity
- to "the chained wolf": commision to color... (you already know)
-to "theriansoul": Kaede and the Otter having sex underwater... continuation of this one =3

-to "CPT-Night": Kaede beheaded by his character Lynda, both enjoying and nude.

2 magicaly headless bat-girls who want to have theyr bodies back, and Laura (OC of his friend) being repaired by Akila after a thought battle, quick description, she was almost destroyed and beheaded... still she won the battle. :P so just think in how the looser looks like now XD...

-to "Mixnmatch": Lyre in a bitchsuit with a leash being keep by Rarrun, both naked and exited.

= some Friends and me =3

-to "Gammatelier": a girl with deatachable head, three limbless shcoolar girls topless
-to "Maxiel": a girl with a towel, in a hotspring bath, beheaded without reason
-to "Kile" (aka Jadowstar ): Samus Aran in a power Pot-suit with a metroid,
Pottization process, Jadow OC design,

Rouge the bat limbless and sexy,

 Kaede limbles in a party cake (a bit late, and still in progress),

monster princess designs (suposed to be for halloween.. =3).

-to myself: girls to cook, behead, amputee, sexy, bdsm, lesbian, etc...
girls from "Advance Wars" series, "legend of Zelda", "F-Zero", "nintendo", and other micelaneus characters...
and thats what i need to finish soon, the images that need color will take me more time to do them, but all the other works that are only line art will be ready soon... 

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  1. WHOA. That's a long list.

    And LAWL at the fact that you actually have a Gurochan listing. XD How'd that work, just some random anons saying "moar of this" or something?

    In that case, MOAR RIN TOHSAKA (am I allowed to even say that?) .The Fate/stay night series never gets any "special" art done...must be too obscure still or something.

  2. i´ll see what can i do with her... or part of her body...

  3. HOLY #&^%*

    You mean you actually take just random suggestions?! :O

    But I won't suggest anything else because that'd be abusing your kindness...

    And from your response, it would seem that you're not familiar with Fate/stay night... I HIGHLY recommend the VN,it's up there with Zelda Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime for me. (Its good for you since you get to read something AWESOME, and good for me because we may get Fate/stay night art then. :P)

  4. oohh you are surprised... well actually i only take those suggestions if they are interesting enough... :P

  5. If it interests you, then you should read Fate/stay night then - I won't even blame you if you acquire it through "shady" means (I originally did, but then I bought it after realizing that it was made of PURE GAR & AWESOME)

  6. These are absolutely awesome, no doubt about it. Your ability is possibly beyond Juan Gotoh's I think...

    Would you consider making some sort of consensual beheading manga story? Maybe one with sex, vag, anal, etc during the beheadings with maybe an oriental theme to it? Something along the lines of the graduation beheading ceremony manga he made?

    Just a request, i know you are super busy and don't want to take advantage of ur kindness.

    keep up the great work, LOVE it.

  7. to FADE: yeah, actually i´m thinking in a story about that... maybe i´ll use famous characters or maybe just new ones... but it´ll be diferent from the "graduation and beheading ceremony" manga...

  8. that would be amazing... your style has been extremely unique so far, would LOVE to see it!

  9. dude you GOTTA get a paypal donation thing up or something so fans can donate to you for your effort!

  10. i´ll see what i can do with that... its a good idea, but i think (and maybe i´m wrong) i need to do a good "homepage" to do that, not only a blog page, but my own web domain... or something like that... anyway, january will say what will happen this year...

  11. HOLY CRAP I didn't realize you were updating this individual post! I kept checking for a new post and was saddened by no new updates...then I scrolled down to check comments when it all hit me. Heck I haven't even looked at the new stuff yet, I just had to make this comment first. XD

    Either way, may I recommend putting a note at the top of the post stating when it was last updated? This shouldn't be much hassle since you're editing the post anyway.