sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

Different pak release

First of all, Sorry for all who bought already the "cut in pieces pak", it is still in the works but i´m lack ideas for the other characters, since "cut in pieces" must be different from "stay alive" and other similar images where the victim is in pieces, 1 customer already suggested some ideas and i encourage all who already purchase it to also suggest ideas. The list of characters for that pak is here on the side part of this blog.

So, a new pak was created. this time is centered on "My Little Pony" characters, humanized and in Bondage. Great!

whats different in this pak, its the first of i hope many "Full Color Pak", and in has 10 full color images and their 10 line art. (I know for a fact that some people love to have also the line art so i include it) for a total of 20 images. Here a preview of the images. It will cost $15 USD. Just push the button on the side =) (when you see it)

also.. images that were supposed to be up some time ago.. and lats week stream.

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