viernes, 12 de junio de 2015

Patreon YAY

Yeah guys! Now I have a Patreon! its on it´s initial state so new Goals and Milestones will be added as I see fit.

Patreon link:

Now some explanations:

1.- the $1 goal is if you just want to help an artist in need. Its more like a donation.

2.- the $10, the Stream is every week through "",when i get more than 8 supporters I´ll need to upgrade my account on to get more people to see me there. Also, not every friday will work on the web-comic, its more a random theme or, if there is enough people, free request of a pin up. nothing hard. who knows, maybe a pak can be born from the images of those streams. Why on friday you ask?. well every Saturday I go out, need to go out, and the other days in the week I guess you people are working.

3.- the $25, to have access to all the paks the first payment must be done first. but you can vote or suggest a theme for the next pak as soon as you become a patreon. The new Pak will be out every 2 months, quality over quantity i think, and the first pak will be the cut in pieces.

4.- the $40, I can only do 5 great quality images per month. that's why there is only 5 spots for this one. Just one thing You must remember, send me the details of this image on the first week of the month, so i can have a month to do it. Also, the images can not be more than 2 characters., want to finish it in less than a month and more than 2 characters will take too much time.

thanks for read and here some images.

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