sábado, 28 de marzo de 2015

many weeks later

wasn't that focus to update this.. until today.. and might get again unfocused to update in the future.. sorry about that.

So new entry on the blog, well, the only news i have is that I will completely stop taking new "normal commissions", my back log is still to long and the wait line is on the years now.. so, don't even ask... they may return in the future if i get to finish the back log. But when they get back, will be a 100% better and worthy the wait and price (which will not rise but will at least make me more confident of asking for that price). This make Streams my only way to get funds.

note: all the new commissions i got up until today are scheduled in the back log so don't worry.

Also, there is a question about the back story of one image, there is a back story but need time to get it again, i think the commissioner also uploaded the image in his own gallery with story but need to confirm, will be added the link or the story in the next log entry.

and the Paks.. still working on them.. hopes are for june on the Peach pak and August for the "cut in pieces" pak

finally, the images of the last weeks:

3 comentarios:

  1. You forgot to put the slide show widget on the images---

  2. these are divine, thanks for sharing ♥
    i like how she enjoyed the sawblade ;D
    August for the cut in pieces pak, huh? It's fine as long as its detailed and graphic and hot ^^
    Hope i'm still good, i paid like 2 years ago >.<

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