sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2014

Final Sunday stream of 2014

since the next sunday is the last of the year so, duh! =P

Calling it now, the following Sunday and the first of the year Sunday will be also a Loli stream, so go nuts with what you want =3

and to answer a question that someone asked on the last entry, the Cut in pieces might be delayed, serious problems getting good and different ideas for the images, in the other hand i found easier to finish another pak that was also asked so much time ago even before the paks started to be done, the "Peach Nightmare Pak"...
those who already bouth the "cut in pieces pak" and are waiting, you have the chance to change your preference and ask for this one once its released, or continue waiting for the cut in pieces one.

the "PN" pak will be all images in color and hopefully released on january.

1.- sold
2.- sold
3.- sold
4.- Sold
5.- Sold
6.- Sold

and here the images

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