jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Lowering comic price

Note: For those who already backing up the comicyou are the only ones who can make descitions over the comic future, like Characters, themes, Fetishes... etc.

The comic, that wonderful and marvelousproyect which aparently is being ignored by all the comunity will have a "price discount". The main goal is still $3000 USD to fund it but now if you want to "buy" of "kickstart" it or however you wanna call it the minimum now is $5 USD instead of the $30 it was.

Why i do this?, to see if the comic gets more interest from all of you, i manage to buy some comics and the price are relatively low.. from 2 to 10 USD so.. yeah...

the comic funds right now are up to $426.6 USD of $3000 USD... so the comic needs now $2586.4 USD, wich turns being 517 people with $5 each.. a lot huh?

BUT, as being less than the first 10 people who already paid for it the new people will have no extra benefits other than having the comic as soon as its released, which again i say, will be released as soon as the goal is reached.

Thankyou for read this and hope the comic become a reality.. i´m working hard right now after many things getting in the way so... Thank you....

EDIT/UPDATE: a good suggestion that i want to apply.. with some changes

    5$ - get the comic
  20$ - get the comic + your OC appear as Filling character
  40$ - get the comic + your OC appear support character, may or may not interact with characters/story
  70$ - get the comic + your OC appear secondary character, part of the plot of the story.
100$ - get the comic + your OC will be the protagonist of a chapter in a future comic. + get the future comic

4 comentarios:

  1. logic tells that price list could be better
    5$ - get the comic
    25$ - get the comic + your OC appear inside the comic rarely
    50$ - get the comic + your OC appear inside the comic with average frequency, some attention to your OC
    75$ - get the comic + your OC appear inside the comic quite often, maximum possible attention (without ruining the story), your OC get eventualy revealed in the guro way (for example your OC get beheaded and fucked during the comic)

    1. hmmmm.. never though that... (logic is not my thing XD ) so lets make it official... thankyou.. :3 (and if you werent "anonimous" i would ask you for your character to make it part of it for this good contribution to the comic :) )

  2. carefull about protagonist, what if you get multiple 100$'s from 5-6 people? That will put you into "Have to draw 5-6 comics" so it is a bad idea.
    Well, yes, possibly there are 6 main characters but still... If all the comic is about my succubus Moriko - that should cost much more then just 100$. If my OC is a single protagonist - around 500$ at least...
    !!! Also, your 100$ position doesn't tell what the donator get in current comic. (ok, my OC is the main protagonist of next comic but doesn't appear in this one or what?))))))

    So I guess you should tune up the price list a bit to make it good for both you and your followers :3

    1. yeah i know, but i know how to make a story with multuple characters ALL being protagonist... my record until now are 11... and i have a friends advises who is a writer and whe is good writing stories with multiple protagonists... his max being around 50...

      and by the end i dont spect that anyone will pay even the $20 for the comic... i´m almost sure about it