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Potted Ideology

HT: i belive is now an ideology and starting to become a fetish :P .... specially de body surgery modification. The demonic, holy, and magical mutation is also interesting and i´ll exlore it later... for now i concentrate all my eforts of sketches in pot-girls and girls made objects by surgery...

first my Original Character and also is nearly my Alter Ego... Kaede, the crazy, myghty, semy magical, knucke headed and self lusty girl who likes to change her body into anything the can imagine. actually she has 16 buttons that transforms her into 16 mystical creatures, and also she knows a unique magic spell that heals her body from any wound or change that her body can sufer, so every time the lost a limb, she can recover it. after that she needs to eat a LOT (a lot of energy is used in that spell and can´t be used twice in the same week).

{anyone that want to draw her in any strange situation just ask me before do anything.I have the copyright.And here you can read her profile and see her colors }

Mixed Pottization Procedure: This type of Pottization make a mixure of the normal Pottization and the Inner pottization procedure, putting part of the Pot of the future pot body inside of the skin of the patient, and part outside of it, thats makes the patient looks a "beauty" that no pot-girl or naked pot-girl can have by theyr own. They need to use special clothes to cover theyr naked body just like the naked pot-girls, but can show her genitals like some of the normal pot-girls can do without being concidered "exhibitionism". 
She is Anko Nishimoto, the pround daughter and future leader of the Nishimoto family. She lost her limbs in a car accident at 17 years, and when she has 20 years decided to became a pot-girl because her body was to much trouble for her an her family to take care. In this form she is now considered the "Nishimoto Family Treasure" and she is pround to be that for her family.

The witchcraft has so much inexplicable ways to become more powerful. In case of this 2 girls the way that they learned the witchcraft transforms theyr bodies into large pot-girls, bringing them terrific powers, but also a side effect in theyr minds. The girl in the left became totally angry and loudy, while the girl in the right became drunk and unable to focus in the important things. The efects of the spell fade out after a couple of hours or sometimes a couple of days depending in the power of the spell and then back to their normal shape.

Why the pot-girls always need to have theyr heads at the top of the doby if they don´t have any bones?... that question inspired me to make this one. Her head and all of the organs are placed in a diferent and functional way that place her anus and her vagina over her head and her bood in the both sides of the pot pendulum. She is the daughter of a Watchmakers family with a long tradition to do the most beautiful pendulums clocks in the world. She was totally passionated to the pendulum clocks that she always dreamed to be in one of her own clocks. After some research she found a exceptional doctor who made her into a pendulum pot and fix 1 of her arms to hang to a clock that she made some time ago. After that she was sold to the City Hall  main lobby by her family and now she tells the time to all the visitors and also are the main turistic atraction of the country being the first and only pot-girl used as a clock in the world.

She is the world´s smallest pot-girl, being nearly just a living head she is the smartest girl in her university. Because a degenerative illness that was consumeing her organs, she was emergency potted  loseing the 75% of her original body mass, her family suported her all the time. Haveing the world record, they pay her college and also will be exhibited in the Pot-Girl Museum until someone buy her. Her parents now are pround of her surviveing "child".

The egyptian royal family was famous for theyr extravagant manners. They was twins and because that both were elegible for the throne of Egypt. So, in the most politic decsition, the "younger" sister (matter of seconds)  became the royal crown and the "older" became the Pharaoh and always wear her.  The sumise and focus temperament of the younger sister makes her decitions about war and politics the most adecuated, and the dinamic and euforic temperament of the older sister keep the populace with them and makes the construccion and economy totally stable. the days where they have the throne of Egypt was the most glorious of that ancient empire.

The pottification procedure can make the patien in almost any shape she/he wants or need. She is part of the police department and a voluntary of the new program of the 24 hrs surveillance officers. Camouflaged like a fountain statue decoration, her pot can turn around 360° degrees and are directly conected to the emergency alarm in the police station, so any suspicious activity she spot is reported, and in the court theyr testimony can be the most important evidence. Her pot are equiped with a termal sistem that keeps her body always at 37° C and covers her with a "umbrella"  when rains or there are a intense sunlight, and keeps her totally nutried so she doesnt need to eat or drink nothing in weeks or even in months.

[Character in the Verbal Pot-Girl Museum story < >]
"Rema the Axe had been a champion of the Area for over 20 years. But in one battle she had been placed to fight a barbarian berserker. She had fought hard and was able to defeat the opponent. But Alas, she had lost an arm and her legs were cut up to the point of being amputated as well. Many thought she would retire from the Arena, but less than a year later, she appeared once again but now as a pot-Girl, choosing to become a teacher of new gladiators. So in a way she returned to her spot in the Arena. As you can see from the old paintings, her pot was made to look like her old armor as well as a visor for her to wear as well. Her ponytail comes out behind her, just as she wore it during her days in the Arena."
the text apears as it apears in the story...

and thats all for now... if anyone ask me "why i didn´t draw any male or felame pot-people?" is because for now i dont want... i like the girls and for now i dont have interest in that... maybe in the future i will...

keep giveing  me more ideas that i can draw for pot-girls, amputee girls, livin heads, or any strange "fetish" you have in mind... thank you for you suport!!...

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