miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

Changing Policies... Blogger

an e-mail just came today... that maybe some if not all the adult content Blogs will be deleted if they have any kind of advertisement for adult content, and try to block any kind of proffit by "selling" adult content... stuff... i have no idea what they meant with that but i have the feeling that they will delete this blog for good. something that honestly been specting since i started it O30...

I share this info so you can save anything you might need necesary to save as also to get my e-mail ans still stay in contact... i´ll find another Blog site to create this blog if this is deleted and make it public through other pages and galleries such as Deviant Art, Furaffinity, Gurochan... etc.

now my Galleries and E-mail so you can save, share and stay in contact!! yay...

Deviant art (mostly abandoned since they dont like guro themes, or adult, in a random pace)


Furaffinity, were surprisingly i can upload my guro images without any trouble... they are to kind to let me upload them there =)


Now Hentai Foundry, same as DA but a bit more relaxed


Guro chan.. not a big surprise =)


and my work e-mail


thankyou and i´ll keep working... even since i looking for a job i´ll never quit the drawings...

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